Hey You!

You were the idiot wanna-be good Samaritan who sent a beer glass flying through the air at Blarney Stone Bar in Fountain Valley two Saturdays ago. You didn't hit the dogpile of cholas who were fighting in front of us, the ones who knocked over our table and sent our drinks crashing to the floor. You hit ME! Fuck you! Your glass hit my left arm, which is still bruised, then bounced on the floor and shattered, leaving glass embedded in my left foot. But what really pisses me off is that, thanks to your bad toss, your glass almost hit my cousin in her face. That's why I became so infuriated and smashed my Heineken bottle down on the table and chased your bitch ass out the door. You better learn some aim before coming back and keep your eyes open for the angry chick drinking Dutch beer. She's waiting for you.

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