Hey, You!

To the angry crowd at a local amateur-comedy night: I yelled, "FAGGOT" at the guy onstage to make a particular point. The guy was doing nothing but bashing Mexicans. He was stupid. He was racist. He wasn't even funny—yet all of you were lapping it up. When he started prancing around, insisting Mexicans were fruits, that's when I yelled, "You're not acting like a Mexican—you're acting like a FAGGOT." I said it because he was also ridiculing my queer brothers and sisters, but all of you still laughed. When I launched that gay slur, however, all of you grew silent, and the comedian started trashing me. I don't mind—I deserved it, frankly—but how did he do it? By calling ME gay—lame stuff about apple martinis and the like. So let me get this straight (pardon the pun): It's okay to make fun of Mexicans, but not gays and lesbians? Man, you guys deserve the Mexican invasion that's coming your way.

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