Hey, Hey! Ho, Ho! This Ho Chi Minh Bust Has Got to Go!

Author/journalist David Pescovitz today posted on the weblog BoingBoing.net he co-edits new work from artist Frank Kozik: 14-inch Ho Chi Minh busts. Only 50 were made, and you can get them for $200 a pop from the Juxtapoz online store.

Juxtapoz's item description:

14", Vinyl Ho Chi Minh Bust - limited to 50 pieces and signed by Frank Kozik.

What does Frank Kozik and Ho Chi Minh have in common? We're not sure, but Kozik has molded a bust of the Vietnamese leader in hand cast resin sculpture, green vinyl, edition of 50. And, there is a machine gun that goes with it. To shoot things? No! To look like it will shoot things. Buy one, two, or 10. They're limited and they're made by Kozik. And signed. Lord! Guns, communist leader that fought America, and green vinyl. What else do you want on your shelf? A trophy . . .

As a commenter to Pescovitz's BoingBoing post notes, don't expect to see the Uncle Ho busts hawked in Westminster or Santa Ana--as the organizers of the recent FOB II exhibit know so well. But don't take it personally, Little Saigon. It's not like Kozik is obsessed with Vietnam-style commie icons. As Pescovitz informs, the artist previously created an unusual pink plastic bust of Josef Stalin smoking a cigarette.


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