Here's a Real Blast From the Hash

Jesus made wine from water.

An Anaheim man tried to make hashish from marijuana.

Then he blowed up.

An attempt to extract hashish from cannabis resulted in an explosion Tuesday night at the Evergreen Royalle Motel, 1919 E. Center St., Anaheim, according to police.

The fire department received a call around 10:30 p.m. of a fire at the residential motel. Instead, responders discovered a heavily damaged room, like a home on the wrong end of a bomb blast in Iraq.

About an hour later, a middle-aged man with burns to his face and body was found. He was hospitalized. A woman with minor injuries was treated at the scene.

Though police are convinced hashish extraction was taking place in the motel room, neither blast victim was arrested.

As they say in the biz, the investigation continues.


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