Henry Bouldin Barred from Wearing Bag Over His Head at Big A

All Henry Bouldin wanted to do was watch an Angel game with a paper bag over his head, is that so wrong?

It is at the Big A.

"Security just showed up out of nowhere," Bouldin reportedly said after Tuesday's game against the Chicago Cubs. "They said you can't wear anything over your head."

It happened in the seventh inning, reports the Los Angeles Times, and to add insult to insult, Bouldin's bag included this message scrawled on it: "$127 million + all I got was this bag. Go Angels?"

Tim Mead, the Angels spokesman, reportedly told the Times a fan at the stadium would be told to remove a paper bag over his or her head if it stated, "Go, Angels!" Mead added the team policy applies to all masks, noting a fan was recently told to remove a Rally Monkey facial covering.

Bouldin's paper bag was apparently spotted by a stadium surveillance camera before security pounced. Perhaps the fan's monkeying around inspired the Halos who, coming off being swept by Houston, went on to beat the Cubbies, 4-3.

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