Help Out My Pal Milo

A faithful reader recently called me with bad news: she has to give up Milo. I've taken care of this wonderful dog many times over the past couple of years--class act all the way. However, current living conditions (in a P.O. Box) do not allow me from accepting Milo, which I would've done in a heartbeat, which means that if there are no takers, Milo goes to the pound like hundreds of his fellow dogs and loyal-opposition cats have done recently due to the mortgage mess.

There is only one real problem with Milo, as evidenced by the picture above: he's a Great Dane. Everyone is either freaked out by his size or mesmerized, but the only challenge his size brings is cleaning up after him--carry a shovel. But look at his face--Milo is as timid and shy in real life as the picture shows. Guy is such a wimp that, whenever I would walk him and dogs would bark on the other side of the fence, Milo would whimper. He's such a pushover that, when milady and I had to take care of him and a Chihuahua (want to draw stares from strangers? Walk a Great Dane and Chihuahua together), it was the Chihuahua that bossed Milo around. He's potty-trained, good in an apartment setting, and needs love, long walks, and someone willing to play with him after said walks for about half-an-hour. Otherwise, Milo just sleeps the rest of the day. Will only bark at you when he wants to play--and what a mighty bark it is.

Interested? Email me at, or leave a comment. If you know anyone who loves Great Danes, tell them--I'll connect interested parties with my friend. Now, back to my regular muckraking...


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