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He'll Clean Ladies' Houses for Free--With a Catch

If you're an Orange County woman who has always wanted a man to come over and provide free housecleaning and handyman services, you're in luck. There's a fellow who will do it.

The only catch is you've got to let him do it sans clothes. His clothes.

The other catch is that's his ass above.

According to Free House Cleaning for Women in Orange County:

It's as simple as scheduling me over and telling me what to do. There are only two requirements; one is that you are a woman over the age of 18 and the other is that you allow me to work in the nude. That's it! And if you are concerned about that you can have me work for you the first time fully clothed and then decide if you ever want to have me back. Absolutely no obligation and no hard feelings.

The dreamboat claims to be a good handyman who is "available to do pretty much whatever I am told." And check out the email address he gives for contacting him: paknarod@yahoo.com.

Heh-heh, he said "pakn."


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