Hearing Today Over Lawsuit Asking for Anaheim District Elections--YAWN...

Today in Orange County Superior Court, a judge will hear arguments in favor for and against an ACLU-filed lawsuit seeking to turn Anaheim's at-large electoral system for City Council races into a district system that the lawsuit says will help out Mexi candidates. And while we don't mind the desired outcome of the ACLU, we continue to maintain that the lawsuit is just a charade to get a certain type of Latino--progressive, union-friendly, Disney-hating, and answering to Los Amigos--on the council, as opposed to truly caring about minority representation leading Anaheim. Similarly, the excuses offered by the majority of the Anaheim City Council to not institute district elections are pathetic and offered solely to keep liberal Latinos off the council.

Meanwhile, the two clowns that have emerged as the figureheads for each side of the argument--Anaheim City School District member (and OC Weekly Scariest People 2012 inductee) Jose Moreno and Anaheim councilwoman Kris Murray appeared on KCRW-FM 89.9's To the Point with Warren Olney yesterday to debate their positions.

Here's the audio, right at the beginning:

Moreno easily beat Murray in the debate, if only because Murray has no tenable argument and possesses the intellectual capacity of hired stooge Matt Cunningham. Of course, he couldn't help but to distort again his group's history in this whole mess by trying to cast former councilmember Richard Chavez as a tool of corporate interests even though Chavez was Los Amigos-approved. And Moreno tried to cast himself as coming from a poor ZIP Code, even though his two-story house is in one of the nicer pockets of 92801. But Murray was worse, coming off as the smug pendeja that she is by trying to cast herself as the voice of the people even though everyone knows she's a Curt Pringle puppet and a Disney tool bar none.

We'll see what the judge decides today, but one thing's for certain: my beloved hometown is going to continue to be in the clutch of demagogues one way or another.

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