Healthcare Celebration Today, Healthcare Protest Tomorrow

Healthcare Celebration Today, Healthcare Protest Tomorrow

Supporters of the historic healthcare reform bill signed into law by President Barack Obama will gather in front of the Garden Grove district office of Rep. Loretta Sanchez this afternoon to thank Orange County's only Democratic member of Congress for her yes vote on the controversial legislation.

Perhaps those same folks can turn their "Thank You, Loretta" signs around, paint "Down With Prime Healthcare" on the backs and join Friday morning's union-organized protest in Santa Ana against the "predatory" hospital chain that is based in Chino and Victorville.

The Woman of the Hour is scheduled to make a 2:30 p.m. appearance at the "Thank You Rep. Sanchez" event presented by Organizing For America, a grassroots, volunteer project of the Democratic National Committee that promotes Obama's policies "to strengthen America's middle class by creating jobs, passing health insurance reform, building a clean energy economy, improving education, and reining in the excesses of Wall Street."

"Thanks to Rep. Sanchez, insurance companies will no longer be able to drop Americans from their coverage when they get sick, deny coverage because of pre-existing conditions, or arbitrarily and massively increase premium rates," reads an OFA statement. "Health reform will cover 95% of Americans, create 4 million jobs and reduce the deficit by more than 1 trillion dollars in the next 20 years.

"Rep. Sanchez was the last California member of Congress to declare how she would vote on the House health reform bill. Hundreds of supporters of reform rallied outside her office on the day of the vote to show that they wanted her support for the bill."

They'll start gathering there again at 2 p.m. Sanchez's office is at 2397 Lewis St., Ste 101, Garden Grove. 

The SEIU-UHW is organizing Friday's 8:30 a.m. protest in front of the Ronald Reagan Federal Building and Courthouse, 411 W. 4th St., Santa Ana. Inside, a judge will be considering a request by Prime Healthcare to acquire four Orange County hospitals: Coastal Communities Hospital in Santa Ana, Western Medical Center in Santa Ana, Western Medical Center in Anaheim and Chapman Medical Center in Orange.

According to a statement from the union representing healthcare workers, "While Prime brags about turning around unprofitable hospitals, the corporation's track-record demonstrates the high costs: cutting experienced and trained hospital staff and services like mental healthcare and birthing; and limiting access to care at its hospitals."

Community leaders and healthcare workers will attend, according to SEIU-UHW.


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