Jesse James' white pit bull Cinnabon is missing!
Jesse James' white pit bull Cinnabon is missing!

Have You Seen Jesse James' Pit Bull Cinnabun?

Ah, the up and down life of Jesse James. One minute, the ink- and motor-oil-stained artiste is being thanked by his Golden Globe-clutching wife Sandra Bullock live on national television. The next, the Sunset Beach resident is offering a $5,000 reward for the return of his 9-month-old pit bull.

Cinnabun, who is the shop dog at James' West Coast Choppers, wandered away from the bike shop/reality television studio off the 710 Freeway at Anaheim Street in Long Beach some time on Jan. 25.

"We've had a few leads, but all dead ends so far, but the search is still definitely on," reports "She's a great little dog, and we want to find her as soon as possible."

The site asks, " Please keep your eyes out for our little gal, she's a light brown and white pit bull, 9 months old, cropped ears, full tail, hazel eyes. Last seen wearing a large pink collar near West Coast Choppers and Cisco Burger on Anaheim St./710 Freeway in Long Beach."

Have you seen her? Do you have her? Can you return her? 'Cause there's no way in hell this man's charmed life shouldn't remain that way. And who couldn't use 5 grand these days? Call (951) 545-1098 or (562) 983-6666 or email if you know anything.


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