Haters Find Time to Bash Gays, Muslims on Pervert Phil Garrido's Website

The world has wretched in collective disgust at the crimes of Antioch resident Philip Garrido, who kidnapped former Orange County resident Jaycee Lee Dugard more than a decade ago when she was a prepubescent and kept her in a secret backyard compound along with her two daughters. The Orange County Register has done a great job documenting the story, but also added major fuel to the fire by publishing the URL to Garrido's blog, Voices Revealed. Nothing interesting in terms of his writing, but when you give Register readers a platform free of the vigilant censoring of comments by the paper's website operators...well, you know what happens.

Most of the comments wish prison rape in graphic details on Garrido; some have been removed by Google (only people with Google accounts can leave comments). But still on the wall are slurs against the real bogeymen of Orange County: homosexuals, Muslims, and Mexicans.
One Mitch Haase wrote to Garrido, "You are the typical example of the average homosexual," a strange comment from a man whose Blogger profile reads, "I am a straight man who enjoys homosexual fantasies while jerking off." Um, yeah. Another man wrote, "Like your holy role model Mohammad, you took young girls and made them your wife before their time had come. May you spend eternity near your hero"--never mind that Garrido never mentions Islam's prophet in his ramblings. Another loon blamed the crimes on Christianity:

This is a memo to all neo-fudamentalist "creationist"/"evangelical"/"end time"/"rapture" types. Hello! This nut case is one of your boys! The "American Fritzl" as he's now known around the world is entirely yours. You created the societal conditions that have given rise to the demented and destructive pseudo-religious fools that you're currently seeing and hearing about. We secular "infidels" didn't have anything to do with it, and never suborned it. It's totally on you!

And then there's this weird remark:

Curt used steroids and caused his son a lifetime disease.

Curt is despicable, but not nearly as much as Mr. Garrido.

The Mexican dig? Okay, I lied. It's over there at the Los Angeles Times.


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