Has the Mexican Mafia's Campaign of Anti-Black Racist Terror Reached OC?

If the charges against David Anthony Parga by the Orange County District Attorney's office are true, then it's time to welcome another group of racist nitwits to our county's collection of skinheads, Holocaust deniers, and and queer bashers: Latino gang members intent on terrorizing African-Americans to the point of death.

On Wednesday, prosecutors charged the 23-year-old Parga with the 2006 murder of Leland Washington, an African-American Cal State Fullerton student, at a Halloween party in La Habra. Parga was easy to catch--he was already at Chino State Prison on a parole violation. La Habra police told the Whittier Daily News that their evidence shows Parga pulled the trigger that night, but it's the DA's felony complaint that contains a shocking allegation: that Parga not only killed Washington because he was black, but that he also did it "to further the activities of that criminal street gang."

Both the complaint and the Daily News mention Parga's connection to the Westside La Habra gang, but neither mention their connection to the Southland's most prominent persecutors of African-Americans since the Klan: the Mexican Mafia.

Federal and Los Angeles county prosecutors have spent the past couple of years successfully charging Los Angeles-area Latino gangs with targeting African-Americans in an effort to drive them out of neighborhoods they claim. All of those gangs have direct connections to the Mexican Mafia, and no less an authority on racist groups than the Southern Poverty Law Center

reported the Mafia has ordered their street-level associates

to intimidate African-Americans at all times.

Is Westside La Habra now one of those? Members end their tags, whether on walls, benches, or the Internet, with every conceivable manifestation of the number 13, the telltale sign of allegiance to the Mafia (M is the 13th letter of the alphabet, and a quick aside--isn't it so precious how haters latch on to numbers and get cute with them? Consider the Mexican Mafia's 13, and also the 88 of skinheads, which stands for "Heil Hitler" because H is the eighth letter of the alphabet...). DA spokesperson Susan Kang Schroeder declined to comment on the specifics of the Parga case, but she did tell the Weekly the head of the DA's homicide unit could not remember any other case their office has prosecuted where a Latino gang member murdered an African-American because of his race.

Parga has previously pleaded guilty to second-degree burglary, drug possession, and evading a peace officer--all felonies. He's scheduled to be arraigned March 24 at the Orange County Superior Court's North Justice Center in Fullerton.


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