Happy Bike to Work Day, Everybody!

As Orange County does (but mostly does not) celebrate Bike to Work Day today, here is a little present from Amy Novotney, Monitor on Psychology, on Sott.net:

On a Tuesday evening two years ago, avid cyclists Christy Kirkwood and Debbie Brown were finishing a 13-mile bike ride in Orange County, Calif., when a driver talking on a cell phone swerved into their bike path, knocking Kirkwood off her bike and throwing her 227 feet. The motorist--who had been travelling at 55 mph--continued a short distance before stopping to see what had happened, says University of Utah psychology professor David Strayer, PhD, who served as a consultant on the case.

"The driver thought he'd hit a deer," Strayer recalls.

Kirkwood died from her injuries. Unfortunately, such tragedies have become all too common.

Good thing there are no Bike to Work Day activities planned in OC.

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