Hang Up Now, Please

Box Brown

To the “Socially Elite” of Orange County: I know I’m working at a cool local spot, and you’re all far too hip for basic pleasantries. BUT might I suggest you take the time to be polite to those who are about to prepare your food. First off, when I greet you with “Hey, guys, how’s it going today?” please don’t respond with a blank stare. Second, GET OFF YOUR PHONE! I’m sure the person on the other end of your call is vital to you ordering your Diet Coke and low-cal wrap, but I have no intention of helping you with your pain-in-the-ass, time-consuming order if you cannot in turn give me your full attention. (I understand it’s hard to maintain a 45-second conversation NOT about you, but let’s try!) I love my job, but you folks are the all-encompassing black hole that devours the joy I have for it.

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