Hang Four

Photo by Frieden/Surfing MagazineNational Scholastic Surfing Association (NSSA) championships

The surf industry considers this organization's championship "the highest level of surfing competition in the western United States." Of course, I got that from the NSSA, so take it for what it's worth: shameless media hype. The surfing should be pretty cool, though. Lower Trestles, June 24-28.

United States Surfing Federation (USSF) championships

According to the USSF, the Oceanside Pier boasts one of the most consistent breaks during the summer in the U.S. This year's contest will coincide with an Oceanside city festival of music, art and fireworks. Oceanside Pier, June 28-July 6.

U.S. Open of Surfing

This is the big one—the biggest surfing contest in the world, actually. Assuming the beach will be open—no promises, given recent bacteria beach closures throughout HB—the city's expecting 200,000 people to watch this one. Hundreds of surfers from around the world will compete for hundreds of thousands of dollars in prize money. And all they have to do is get into the water near the Huntington Beach Pier. . . . Nahhh, it ain't worth it. Huntington Beach Pier, July 26-Aug. 3.

Boost Mobile Pro

The trick here is that each surfer has to make at least two local calls and one long-distance call while in the barrel. There's also immediate disqualification for anyone caught dialing 10-10-220. Lower Trestles, Sept. 4-13.


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