Haidl 3 Get 6 Years

At 4:07, Briseno finally put an end to the long-running saga of the Haidl 3, sentencing Greg Haidl, Kyle Nachreiner and Keith Spann to six years in state prison.

The defendants seemed to have expected nothing less; their supporters wept.

The judge's decision put a cap on an afternoon that saw the defense switch tactics. In the morning, we heard the defendants and their supporters protest their remorse. That changed after lunch, when Haidl's attorney, Al Stokke, went after Jane Doe, denying that her emotional stress could be positively linked to the attack. He criticized a prosecutor's request that the three not be segregated from the general prison population as "without question, the most outrageous position I have ever seen." It was tantamount, he said, to "calling for their murder."

When it was his turn, Brisneo said he didn't buy the defendants' claims of remorse; they were, he suggested, too little, too late. Nor could he ignore the "egregiousness" of the attack, noting that the defendants laughed and joked while their victim lay unclothed and unconscious on the pool table. He ripped into the defense team's suggestion that Doe had a history of using foreign objects as sexual toys, saying there was no evidence to support such a claim

The defendants took advantage of their victim's trust, Brisneo said.

Based on numerous doctors interviews with the Haidl 3, Brisneo had concluded that only "a lengthy period of time" in prison could help them "abate" their alcohol and substance abuse.

"Victim never consented to being degraded."

The DA is now holding a press conference on the sentencing. More to come. Meanwhile, see the previous post on this subject here.


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