Gustavo's (Two Weeks Ago) Latest KCRW "Orange County Line" Commentary: On How Newport & Huntington Beach Are Grudgingly Fighting Global Warming!

SO...I've been on vacation these past two weeks and thus have been blogging infrequently--and so I missed my usual plugs for my "Orange County Line" commentaries for KCRW-FM 89.9 that air live every Monday. SO....let's get the two that I missed out of the way, m'kay?

The first one we'll post this morning aired July 29 and deals with Huntington Beach and Newport Beach having to deal with the reality of rising sea levels even though wackjob Republicans run the cities, even though their respective congress-pendejos (John Campbell, Dana Rohrabacher) are among the wackjob-iest congress-pendejos around.


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