Gustavo's Latest "Orange County Line" for KCRW: All Hail Robert Citron, OC Bankruptcy Hero!

I never covered the 1994 Orange County bankruptcy, being a sophomore at Anaheim High School when the whole chingadera arose and starting journalism way too late to ever figure in the aftermath. So when news emerged last week that former Orange County tax collector-treasurer Robert Citron passed away, I initially wanted to paint him as a villain, as he did cause the then-largest municipal bankruptcy in American history.

But the more I think about it, the more I say we should hail Citron as a hero--so that's exactly what I did in this week's "Orange County Line" for KCRW-FM 89.9.

This was an especially rancorous commentary with host

Steve Chiotakis

, in which I bash


for taking our bankruptcy crown, trash Los Angeles, give the Citron history, then conflate

"Smoke on the Water"


"Don't Fear the Reaper"

to make a political point. You ain't gonna find this commentary on the newfangled

Orange County Register

, I'll guarantee you that! Enjoy!

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