Gustavo's Latest KCRW "Orange County Line": On Anaheim's Coming Mayoral Free-for-All!

Two weeks ago, we scooped the Orange County Register's scoop regarding former Anaheim councilwoman Lorri Galloway running for the mayoral seat currently held by her former ally, Tom Tait. This is going to be a race that's going to be nasty, nasty, nasty, despite Tait proclaiming he's a good guy and Galloway already fluttering her fan ala Scarlett O'Hara at every opportunity. Meanwhile, the Lords of Anaheim maniacally laugh as the opposition eats their own.

Oh, I can go on forever about this issue, and I just might later on. In the meanwhile, I discussed Galloway's thinking on my latest "Orange County Line" commentary for KCRW-FM 89.9


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