"We ain't in Dixie anymore, Gomer..."
"We ain't in Dixie anymore, Gomer..."

Gustavo's Latest KCRW "Orange County Line": On Anaheim and Santa Ana's New Latino Police Chiefs!

When are affirmative action hires not affirmative action hires? When they're not. Okay, let's try that again...

Earlier this month, Anaheim and SanTana made history after appointing the first-ever Latino police chiefs for their respective departments. And while an outsider might view the moves as easy affirmative action hires to reflect the demographics of the cities, people who actually pay attention know that SanTana head Carlos Rojas and Anaheim top cop Raul Quezada are hardly tokes--indeed, they're the ultimate department insiders. That was the thrust of my "Orange County Line" commentary this past Monday on KCRW-FM 89.9.


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