Okay, not Pulido, but amusing nevertheless...
Okay, not Pulido, but amusing nevertheless...
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Gustavo's (Last Week) KCRW "OC Line": On the Santa Ana City Council Versus Mayor Miguel Pulido!

Last week, on my regular KCRW-FM "Orange County Line" commentary, I talked with host Steve Chiotakis about the epic game of chicken being played between the SanTana City Council and the Orange County District Attorney's Office over mayor Don Papi Pulido. It's all over an investigation into whether the Don Papi violated campaign finance law when he sold a house that his family had acquired in a property swap from a businessman who just so happened to have business with SanTana. The city attorney completed its investigation months ago; the DA hasn't. The city council said they wanted to release their investigation if DA Tony Rackauckas didn't; the DA didn't want them to.

Well, someone released the report yesterday--and it says the city thinks Don Papi Pulido might be charged with a felony.

The Voice of OC has the whole story here.

And here's my commentary from last week, in which I predicted this--enjoy!

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