Go Hornets!
Go Hornets!
Fullerton College

Gustavo to Give Commencement Speech at Fullerton College!

I didn't attend Fullerton College--I attended Orange Coast. Nevertheless, California's oldest community college (celebrating its 100th anniversary this year--you can look it up!) has been beyond kind to me. They chose my book a few years back as part of its "One Book, One College" program, and I speak at least once a semester at the class of the school's legendary profe Jerry Padilla. Fullerton College journalism head Jay Seidel is a pal, and two of my siblings (and numerous cousins and friends) went to FJC before transferring to universities on their way to a successful career.

Like I said, beyond kind. So kind, in fact, that school administrators have asked me to deliver the commencement speech at their graduation ceremony this May 23. WHOA...

It really is an honor, especially given I'm a product of the community college system. More details to come...but let's just say my main priority right now is making sure not to repeat what happened last time I was invited to speak at a community college :-(

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