Gustavo to Give Commencement Speech at East Los Angeles College Graduation!

My connections to East Los Angeles go way back, mostly because my grandma lives off Whittier Boulevard just as it transforms from Montebello to the Eastside. I've gone cruising through the barrios with my cousins, had primos who graduated from Roosevelt, Garfield, Schurr, AND Cantwell-Sacred Heart of Mary high schools (all crazy successful, much more so than me), and once had a woman fall in love with me as I gave her a walking tour of the murals from Boyle Heights into Eastlos (she later on ended up dumping me for a bona fide communist, but that's another story)

So when representatives from East Los Angeles College asked if I'd be willing to be their commencement speaker for their June graduation, I jumped, jived, and harmonized--HELL YA!

They've asked me to tailor my speech around a particular theme, so it'll be a bit more structured than my usual


. This will be the second year in a row I've been invited to speak at a community college graduation (

I did the deed last year at Long Beach City College

), and it's a wonderful honor given I'm a product of the juco system, having graduated from Orange Coast College way back when. But really, let's get to the point of this post: an excuse to play Thee Midniters! Stay tuned!

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