Gustavo to Debate Tom Tancredo about Immigration in Denver Next Week!

EDIT, NOV. 16, 6:30 P.M.: Watch the debate live here!

Oh, is this going to be fun: next Tuesday evening, two of the biggest lunatics in the immigration debate will rant at each other in Denver. On the right side is former Congressman Tom Tancredo, he of the many wild theories about Mexicans over the years. And on the left is yours truly, I of the many wild theories about Mexicans.

Tancredo just finished a disastrous campaign for governor in Colorado; I finished a disastrous run with Four Loko. Details after the jump!

The debate wasn't my idea but rather the brainchild of Patty Calhoun, editor of our sister paper


. She has pestered him for years to set up a debate between the two of us--now that he has nothing better to do than yammer with a wab, why not?

Click here for all the details. What's next in this crazy world--I drink high tea with Barbara Coe? Actually, you couldn't pay me enough to sit down with her...

For more info, check out our Tancredo vs. Arellano archives:


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