Greg Diamond wasn't the first to use the Internet to live in a fantasy
Greg Diamond wasn't the first to use the Internet to live in a fantasy

Greg Diamond: The Frightening Picture of OC's Most Inept 2012 Political Candidate

Gregory A. Diamond, the purposefully mysterious Brea lawyer who is on the November ballot seeking a seat in the California state senate as a Democrat, is outraged (again!) that I featured his campaign follies in a recent column.

My report noted the stark contradiction between Diamond's promise earlier in the year to fight "like hell" to honorably represent Occupy Wall Street in his campaign for the state legislature, but instead is running California's worst, most inept effort for the senate in memory.

I detailed a series of facts including:

--How Diamond, who is running against incumbent Bob Huff, told his supporters he'd raise more than $100,000 but hasn't been able to raise $25,000--or far less. He hides the exact amount in understandable embarrassment.

--How Diamond describes himself as "tenacious," "incisive" and "dedicated" but in reality has proven to be a hand-wringing whiner who is clueless about how to run an effective campaign. With the election weeks away, he hasn't held a single, meaningful public event and when asked to explain his inactivity, claims his events are "closely guarded secrets."

--How legitimate candidates focus their attention on their own races while Diamond has been oddly obsessed with digging into the marital affairs of a candidate in a different race.

--How Diamond, 52, responds to accurate observations about his often neurotic conduct by threatening retaliation.

In response to my report, Diamond fired back in ways that have kept me shaking in fear of exposure:

According to Diamond:

--Because I dared write about him, I must be "in the pocket" of local Republicans.

--The initial "R" in my byline stands for "arse."

--The Weekly has adults ads in the back of the paper and this means its reporting can't be trusted.

--My suggested, pre-publication headline for the column was rejected according to, get this, "his friend"--a brazenly stupid fabrication underscoring the lengths this freak will go in hopes that one of his wild punches lands.  

And my favorite....

--I am "so amazingly ignorant" about Orange County affairs because I don't read his blog musings.

The divine inspiration for the artwork that accompanied my Oct. 4 column on Diamond
The divine inspiration for the artwork that accompanied my Oct. 4 column on Diamond

If the standard for ignorance in OC is not reading Diamond's bloggings, then count me as one of proud 99.999999999999 percent--a figure arrived at by optimistically assuming that at least a few of his poor relatives occasionally read him, but I could be wrong.

Besides, I seem to have done okay covering this county during the 16 years before he parachuted in from out of state and declared himself important.  

The trouble with Diamond goes beyond his joke of a senate campaign, his pronounced, sweaty awkwardness in social settings, his determination to be known as the smartest guy in the room or his hamfisted penchant for picking stupid fights merely in hopes of raising is name ID.

His problem is that he's a nobody. He's done nothing professionally or politically in OC worthy of the least bit acclaim. And yet he desperately wants to be considered a player.


Perhaps I've been slightly unfair. In OC's blogosphere, nobody spends more time each day feverishly attaching his name to rambling, obnoxious comments on the works of people who actually have something to say. In late July, for example, he completely abandoned his own campaign to angrily leave a whopping 57 comments in a matter of hours on one post at the Friends For Fullerton's Future blog. At a minimum, that feat is worthy of the moniker: Blogos Hog

Even fellow Democrats know this sad truth. How's this for weighty status? At at recent, multi-hour party event at a Disneyland hotel, Diamond wasn't invited to speak. I don't recall them even acknowledging he was sitting in the room.

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