Greenhut Praises Moxley, Blasts Carona's Disappeared Defenders

While wondering where all the defenders of convicted and soon-to-be imprisoned ex-sheriff Mike Carona are now, Register editorial writer Steven Greenhut drops a couple shout outs to the coverage by the Weekly's R. Scott Moxley, the lone reporter uncovering the former top Orange County lawman's misdeeds from the beginning. Greenhut begins his post on his Orange Punch "liberty blog" (all the emphasises are his):

I was reading theLiberalOC and found this interesting post in which the writer points to the lack of coverage of the Mike Carona sentencing in the conservative blogosphere, and reminds us of Carony Jon Fleischman's ringing endorsement of the sheriff, which included this paragraph: "There have been a number of news articles (primarily in the OC Weekly and in the LA Times) that have been negative about the Sheriff.  Well, I can tell you as someone who is truly in a position to sort out fact from fictionmost of what they have said simply isn't true."

Greenhut's post goes on to name GOP chairman Scott Baugh, Red County blogger Matt "Jubal" Cunningham and unnamed other establishment Republicans as joining Flash Reporter Fleischman in being absent from the debate they started over the criminal sheriff's guilt or innocence now.

It would be nice to read what Carona's staunchest GOP defenders have to say now about the conviction and sentencing. Were they duped? Are they sorry? Is this merely a case of prosecutorial abuse? Do they still think Carona epitomizes GOP values? Did they just not see the other side of Mike? Did they know about how he was running the department? Were they simply doing the bidding of the party? This might be interesting, especially as they advance the agendas of other politicians.

(To be nonpartisan, Greenhut also notes that Moxley, who he calls the "reporter who did the most legwork exposing the corruption," also revealed early on members of the Democratic establishment defending Carona.)

What you are hearing from the usual GOP-can-do-no-wrong suspects instead are defenses of others criticized in Weekly reporting and elsewhere, including Assemblyman Diane Harkey (R-Dana Point), Monsignor John Urell and Republican hack-job John Lewis.

At least they keep us busy.


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