Gracias, LA Times; OC Register--Slag Off!

Today, the Los Angeles Times reports on how Huntington Beach police will no longer plant evidence as a training exercise. Reporter H.G. Reza doesn't pretend to have broken the story--no, he credits nosotros with having first reported the story, not the self-aggrandizing Orange County Register (read my jefe's post on the matter here). And lest ustedes non-journalists think we're overreacting in wanting credit for a story, consider this: the Register constantly slurs us as "irrelevant" to Orange County, as being controlled by "outside" owners, as not caring about the community. When the Reg tries to take credit for an important story and won't even print our name in its pages, it's not ignorance that governs the oversight: it's deliberation. They don't want their readers to know we're out there lest they defect to our paper. Pendejos.


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