GQ Names Newport Beach One of The Worst-Dressed Cities in America

GQ Names Newport Beach One of The Worst-Dressed Cities in America
​Oh, no they did-n't. 

The style writers at GQ penned a list of of the 40 Worst-Dressed Cities in America. It's filled with stereotypical haterade (and possibly truth?).   
Our own Newps comes in 29th after other "sartorially-challenged metropolises" including Santa Fe, Vegas and Jersey Shore. 

Here's what they had to say: 

29. Newport Beach
You pretty much know what to expect from a town whose exuberant claim to fame is being the location of "The O.C." For Newport Beach residents, this dubious honor validated their overblown sense of significance, mistaking as they did the fandom of Mischa Barton with their international relevance. This ritzy coastal town is dedicated to money, showing off that money, year-round tans and a fundamental disconnect from reality. Newport's balls-out ostentation veers dangerously into gaudiness--all flashy excess and no style. (Look no further than "Fashion Island," a bayside destination promising an exotic catwalk of model muses, perhaps, and delivering: a mall.) The diamonds are huge, the Botox abounds (not just on the ladies), and the women are platinum-blonde-and-boob-job clones. Money can buy a lot of things--a hulking white Escalade, a trophy wife--but it sure as shit can't buy class.

Do you agree with the snarky style police? 

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