Governor Signs Bill Requiring Parents of Young Thugs to Attend Anti-Gang Classes

Legislation that clarifies the intent of the Parental Accountability Act of 2007 to punish parents for certain crimes committed by their children was signed by Gov. Jerry Brown today.

Assembly Bill 177 expands the violations committed by minors that require their parents to attend anti-gang parenting classes. These include acts of vandalism, possession of illegal substances and disorderly conduct.

Democrat Tony Mendoza, whose LA County district includes OC's Buena Park, authored the bill that sailed through the Assembly with a 66-0 vote last month.

"I couldn't be happier with Governor Brown's decision to sign AB 177 into law," Mendoza says in a statement dispatched by his office this afternoon.

"I authored this bill to provide parents and guardians a place where they can learn about the warning signs of their children's potential involvement with gangs before it is too late. Now Californians have the opportunity to become educated about the tools and resources available to them to keep their children from getting into further trouble."

The Weekly first mentioned the legislation here:


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