Got Any Good Richard Nixon Toilet Paper Jokes?

Presented without comment:

Got Any Good Richard Nixon Toilet Paper Jokes?

Ok, actually, we'll comment...

Anthony Clark

, author of

the "prezlibs" blog

(that's "Presidential Libraries" in l33t)


this extraordinary piece of merchandise in a

press release

from the

Richard Nixon Library and Birthplace Foundation


Yorba Linda

. The TP was being sold through the foundation's website. Then, it disappeared from the online gift shop, apparently after a few people complained that the product wasn't... proper.

But Clark says that the library is still selling rolls of wiping material with Presidential seal, but not online. You'll have to call the foundation to get one of them.

Clark writes: I think it's one thing to stop selling a clearly inappropriate item; it's another to make it look as if you've stopped selling it while still quietly making money on it.

Notice how we've made not one joke about this whole thing so far? Not even a clever metaphor about the way Orange County's favorite President treated the country? That's because such mockery would be distasteful and unbecoming of even our poopy rag.

That doesn't mean you can't let loose in the comments, though.

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