Jim "Poorman" Trenton and David "Dr. Drew" Pinsky party at a KROQ bikini search in 1983.
Jim "Poorman" Trenton and David "Dr. Drew" Pinsky party at a KROQ bikini search in 1983.
Poorman's Facebook page

Gossip Mag Picks Up Poorman's Dr. Drew Tales

"From your lips to God's ear" is how the old saying goes. A new twist would be "From Poorman's Facebook page to Life & Style Magazine."

Jim "Poorman" Trenton and David "Dr. Drew" Pinsky party at a KROQ bikini search in 1983.
Jim "Poorman" Trenton and David "Dr. Drew" Pinsky party at a KROQ bikini search in 1983.
Poorman's Facebook page

Anyone who has checked out the Newport Beach broadcaster Jim "Poorman" Trenton's Facebook page in recent months has been treated to rants about his former pal at KROQ-FM, David Drew Pinsky.

Pinsky's bio boasts he is an American board-certified internist and addiction medicine specialist, and an assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at the Keck School of Medicine at USC, the medical director for the Department of Chemical Dependency Services at Las Encinas Hospital in Pasadena and a staff member at HuntingtonMemorialHospital. "Dr. Drew," as Pinsky is better known, also hosts the VH-1 reality shows Celebrity Rehab and Sober House.

But, according to the tale being spun by Poorman, it was he and Dr. Drew who needed a sober house amid the snow flurries of the go-go '80s.

Back then, Poorman was a top radio personality in Southern California and the creator of the Sunday night sex advice show Loveline. After Poorman got kicked off that show--or, had it taken away, according to Trenton's telling--Pinsky shot to fame with co-host Adam Carolla when Loveline went national in 1995 and was spun into an MTV television show. There's been no looking back for the 51-year-old Pinksy ever since.

Meanwhile, Trenton is clinging to pay-to-air broadcasts of Poorman's BikiniBeach on LA-based Spanish-English station KJLA/Channel 57.

And so, we now have Life & Style picking up Poorman's Dr. Drew rant--and running with it. Actually, Poorman comes across kinder and gentler in the gossip mag than he does on his own Facebook page. In the article, he even adds the qualifier that he is sure Pinsky was a recreational drug user way back when and that he is surely clean now. But just making the claims about the celebrity doctor still has a sting to it.

Life & Style reports its "facts" in "Dr. Drew's drug shocker!" have been confirmed by Joanna Swylde, who worked as an intern at KROQ at the time. In the piece, Swylde recalls partying with Drew and Poorman and everyone snorting lines of cocaine off album covers in the radio station's control room (which must be an FCC violation, no?). "We would do it during the breaks on the show," Swylde told the mag.

Earlier in the piece:

In 1982, Drew hadn't even finished medical school when he met KROQ DJ Jim Trenton at a party. "I asked him to do this segment with me called Ask a Surgeon," Trenton tells Life & Style. "Listeners could call in and get answers to their romance and medical questions." The segment was such a hit, it soon evolved into Loveline--which remains on the air to this day.

While they spent their days helping listeners with their love, sex and health-related problems, Drew and Jim spent many of their nights partying away. Often, Trenton says, that included cocaine use. "He used to say to me, 'Jim, I love cocaine,'" Trenton notes. "He'd say that a lot--that he loved coke." In fact, Trenton adds, Drew "did coke with a lot of different people, including myself, on numerous occasions."

A Weekly request for comment from Pinsky drew this from his publicist:

"We are not going to comment on outlandish and laughable allegations from nearly 30 years ago," said Valerie Allen. "Dr. Drew has done so much for so many and deserves more respect." 

There was also this from Pinsky's agent:

"I have known and worked with Dr. Drew off and on for 19 years and I've never heard of anything so preposterous in my life," said John Ferriter. "All I see is a guy who helps people both on and off camera who have problems and the fact that anyone one would make these accusations about him would make me call into question those accusations and the people who are making them. I would also question their motivation for making such claims. Dr. Drew's 25 years of service speaks for itself."

Incidentally, Pinsky's bio notes Poorman's role in Dr. Drew's rise to fame.


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