Goodbye, Tancredo, and Take Morey With You

Not to pick on Irvine Islamic "expert" Robert Morey any further this week, but I was reminded of his idiocies today, as I bide my time in Fort Collins, Colorado, before a book signing hosted by the Rocky Mountain Chronicle. The paper runs a great column called "Tancrazy Train," which monitors Coloradoan Republican presidential candidate (and Orange County darling) Tom Tancredo (R-Know Nothinglandia). Learning that Tancredo has recently announced he's calling its quits, I was reminded that he once called for the United States to bomb the Muslim holy city of Mecca. Tancredo never apologized for the remark, but he should've apologized to Morey for stealing his idea. It was Morey, after all, whom in 2001 told a San Diego church "he had advised the State Department to blow up the Muslim holy cities of Mecca and Medina if they wanted to win the war on terror quickly."

"These cities could be vaporized in minutes, and there is nothing that the Saudis or any other Muslim country could do to stop us,” Morey would go on to write in his 2002 Winning the War Against Radical Islam. “With these surgical strikes, few lives would be lost. And, with three strikes against them, Islam is out!”

We can imagine Morey and Tancredo together: POW! BAM! ALLAH!

Speaking of explosions, check out Tancredo's latest fun. And read "Tancrazy Train" regularly.


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