Golf Ball Features Slice of Tiger Woods-Newport Beach Infamy

Golf Ball Features Slice of Tiger Woods-Newport Beach Infamy

In case you were wondering, yes, the new line of golf balls that each feature a mug of a Tiger Woods mistress includes the 24-year-old cocktail waitress the pride of Cypress banged at a ritzy Newport Beach hotel.

During their alleged 31-month affair, Woods, uh, laid the wood on Jaimee Grubbs in October 2009 at the Island Hotel near Fashion Island, as R. Scott Moxley blogged in December.

For those keeping score at home, Grubbs is the one who included her text message in advance of the local rendezvous in which she asked the world's No. 1 golfer, "Is it Orange County time yet?"

The Los Angeles tart also famously/infamously provided this text exchange:

Grubbs: "Get your tight ass over here and visit me!"

Eldrick: "I will wear you out soon."

By the way, not everyone welcomes the arrival of Creative Classic Inc. of LA and Vancouver's Tail of the Tiger Golf Balls, which come in a playable edition for about $45 and a collectible version for around $50.

Joslyn James, who is among the pictured, has hired publicity-shy lawyer Gloria Allred to take action against Creative Classics. Says the lilliputian litigator, "Hitting a woman or an image of a woman is not a sport."

Nancy Roberts seconds that emotion on Care 2's Protect Women's Rights blog: "Women are making strides in many areas, but we will continue to have to look over our shoulders, as long as some men find it funny to swing a golf club at a woman's face."

Alas, the New York Daily News reports Tail of the Tiger balls are selling briskly, with $40,000 worth of product moved in three days. "One order from Japan was for $15,000!" boasts creator Mike Caldwell.



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