Gold Medal in Olympic Downhill Shopping Goes to OC

I was mildly surprised to see about 50 shoppers inside Nordstrom Rack at Metro Pointe in Costa Mesa seven minutes after they'd opened on Saturday morning. Sure, I wasn't expecting the power (and air conditioning) to blink, resume and then crash while I was inside a dressing room with my pants off. (I would have cursed but the gentlemen around me in other stalls took care of that for all us.) And, of course, I was amused that clerks came to the pitch dark dressing area and told us to leave immediately--as if we'd want to stay in the cramped, hotter-than-hell booths surrounded by ill-fitting clothes and sharp pins littering the floors. But no, I wasn't expecting to return inside the store and see (barely) dozens of shoppers still furiously working the clothes racks in the dark and without air conditioning as if nothing had happened.


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