Going Ballistic

Feb. 8: "One dead, six arrested in police drug raid" (Clayton, MO). Feb. 7: "Officer testifies cars were not moving when fatal shots fired" (Pittsburgh, PA). Feb. 7: "70-year-old wounded in gun fight with police" (Tulsa, OK). Feb. 7: "Officer shoots at man packing for moving, mistaking him for burglar" (Columbia, SC). Feb. 7: "Officer wounds Keene man" (Swanzey, NH). Feb. 6: "Cop shoots police dog during chase" (Pasadena, TX). Feb. 6: "Man shot by officers expected to live" (Sacramento, CA). Feb. 6: "Officer kills wife, commits suicide" (Fountain Valley, CA). Feb. 5: "Couple are angry over shooting of their dog (by a cop)" (Omaha, NE). Feb. 4: "Officer kills man after foot chase" (Denver, CO). Feb. 4: "Officer shoots man, 48, in chest" (Fort Worth, TX). Feb. 3: "Wildlife officer kills gunman who was dumping a corpse" (Baton Rouge, LA). Feb. 2: "Police shoot man who had 'arsenal'" (Pendleton, OR). Feb. 1: "Cop kills fugitive" (Brooklyn, NY). Feb. 1: "Officer shoots La Vista teen" (Omaha, NE). Feb. 1: "Former prison official shot and critically wounded son" (Westbury, NY). Jan. 31: "Council approves $1.2 million for teen shot in back [by police]" (Denver, CO). Jan. 31: "Officer kills driver he says tried to run him down" (Gainesville, FL). Jan. 31: "Police's silence after shooting hostage damages department's credibility" (Lake Sentinel, FL). Jan. 30: "Police shoot man suspected in burglary" (St. Louis, MO). Jan. 29: "Police kill 2 in 13 hours" (Atlanta, GA). Jan. 27: "Police kill man at apartment complex" (San Diego, CA). Jan. 27: "Police shoot man" (Moore, OK). Jan. 27: "Police shoot, kill angry man in restaurant" (DeKalb, SC). Jan. 26: "Police fatally shoot despondent firefighter" (Albuquerque, NM). Jan. 25: "Officer shoots suspect" (Cincinnati, OH). Jan. 24: "Man fatally shot by deputies is identified" (Los Angeles, CA). Jan. 23: "Police shoot suspect in drug-deal sting" (Miami, FL). Jan. 23: "Police kill man with bean-bag gun" (Franklin County, TN). Jan. 21: "Police shoot 66-year-old man" (Mauldin, SC). Jan. 20: "Autopsy shows officer shot man three times" (Oxnard, CA). Jan. 20: "Police shoot woman in ramming incident" (Sacramento, CA). Jan. 19: "Officer kills man after foot chase in Oxnard" (Oxnard, CA). Jan. 18: "Police kill 27-year-old at his home" (Las Vegas, NV). Jan. 17: "Police shoot, kill alleged shoplifter" (Detroit, MI). Jan. 16: "Police shoot patient who had knife at hospital" (Los Angeles, CA). Jan. 15: "Suspect wounded in shootout; police shoot teen in separate incident" (Orlando, FL). Jan. 15: "Police shoot, kill man in domestic dispute" (Seattle, WA). Jan. 14: "Police kill robbery suspect" (Dayton, OH). Jan. 14: "Police kill school gunman" (Ventura, CA). Jan. 13: "Cops kill undercover officer" (Orlando, FL). Jan. 12: "Teenager slain by police suffered mental illness" (Los Angeles, CA). Jan. 12: "Police shot suspect in fatal shooting after standoff" (Two Harbors, MN). Jan. 11: "Man wounded by sheriff's deputy is accused of felony assault by cops" (Cincinnati, OH). Jan. 11: "Police say officer who fired thought life was in danger; man hit by five bullets" (Louisville, KY). Jan. 9: "Off-duty cop shoots herself in shoulder" (Atlanta, GA). Jan. 8: "Standoff ends when police kill accused gunman" (Boston, MA). Jan. 6: "Police officer shoots man at airport" (Dallas, TX). Jan. 5: "Officer kills suspect in attack on woman" (Tucson, AZ). Jan. 5: "Suspect in hospital after police shootout" (Charleston, WV). Jan. 5: "Officer kills man during raid" (Rochester, NY). Jan. 4: "Grocery security officer kills shoplifting suspect" (Shreveport, LA). Jan. 3: "Police shoot 3 deer in Harrisburg" (Harrisburg, PA). Jan. 3: "Officer shoots man holding gun on father" (Des Moines, IA). Jan. 2: "Salt Lake City officer shoots and kills motorist" (Salt Lake City, UT). Jan. 2: "Police shoot teen after Brooklyn gunfire" (Brooklyn, NY). Jan. 1: "Deputies kill man with shotgun" (Houston, TX). Dec. 29: "Police shoot drug suspect" (Bronx, NY). Dec. 28: "Police report: officer justified in shooting dog" (Greeley, CO). Dec. 26: "Officer kills two robbers" (Pittsburgh, PA). Dec. 24: "Officer shoots knife-wielding woman" (Fort Worth, TX). Dec. 24: "Officer kills teenage driver" (Tampa, FL). Dec. 22: "Man shot by police took 16 bullets but lives" (Atlanta, GA). Dec. 22: "Cops kill gunman after he hurts two" (New York, NY). Dec. 19: "Off-duty county officer kills armed man at bar" (Phoenix, AZ). Dec. 19: "Police officer shoots motorist; ending chase" (Kansas City, MO). Dec. 19: "Police shoot man after threatening phone call" (San Jose, CA). Dec. 18: "Police shoot domestic-abuse suspect to death; sixth in year for Nashville" (Nashville, TN). Dec. 18: "Sting cop shoots alleged attacker" (New York, NY). Dec. 18: "Police shoot, kill man after traffic stop" (Oklahoma City, OK). Dec. 18: "North Charleston police shoot man" (Charleston, SC). Dec. 17: "Police shoot, wound murder suspect in chase" (Bridgeport, CT). Dec. 16: "City to pay $975,000 in police killing of homeless woman" (Los Angeles, CA). Dec. 16: "Police kill mental patient" (Oklahoma City, OK). Dec. 15: "Police shoot robbery suspect" (Syracuse, NY). Dec. 15: "Police shoot armed man at residence" (Chattanooga, TN). Dec. 10: "LAPD again scrutinized after mother of four is shot" (Los Angeles, CA).


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