God Bless the Wabs of SanTana

"I bet you someone's going to be playing that music," my girlfriend said with resignation as we saw the KTLA-TV Channel 5 News at 10. The music: "Dos Locos," the klezmer mestizaje masterpiece by pasito durangüense icons Los Horóscopos de Durango. The occasion: a man escaped from the Orange County Jail in SanTana. KTLA reporter Chip Something-or-Other was trying to keep a straight face as he filed a dispatch from the corner of Flower Street and Edinger Avenue, but it was pretty hard thanks to wabs. Wabs passing by and honking their horns. Wabs driving up and down the street, making sure to rev their motors when right behind Chip. Wabs yelling to be heard above Chip's stentorian voice. But no wabby music, to our relief, as Chip sent it back to the studio and traded boring lines with the anchor.

And then it happened. Loud Mexican music screamed from a truck that zoomed behind Chip--but it wasn't Los Horóscopos. Instead, the nasal cry of Chalino Sanchez broadcast across the Southland. My girlfriend and I groaned--then laughed. God bless the wabs of SanTana.


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