The object of Sanchez's protest
The object of Sanchez's protest

God Bless Anaheim's Unitarian-Universalist Church and its Arrested, Aztlanista Minister

Anybody involved in progressive politics over the years knows that Anaheim's Unitarian-Universalist Church has been there every step of the way, whether hosting fundraisers to get wrongfully imprisoned Black Panther members out of jail to helping Anaheim residents deal with police brutality--an easy task, given their church is just across Santa Ana Street from the Anaheim Police Department main station.

Their members just don't host radical events--they also participate. And that's how its head minister, Lee Marie Sanchez, came to be arrested yesterday in Arizona protesting that nasty SB1070.


Orange County Registerreports that Sanchez and

another Unitarian (

from the Tapestry Mission Viejo UU congregation

) engaged in civil disobedience yesterday in Phoenix. Sanchez didn't return the Reg's call for comment (no big surprise, since OC's Aztlanistas don't much care for the "objective" slant of the Reg's head reporter, Cindy Carcamo), but Sanchez has gone to Phoenix before to protest SB1070. In a message

she left on her website

in May, she acknowledged that not all members of her congregation were on the right side of the immigration issue. "I am aware that there are many view on these issues in our congregation," she wrote. "However, even before our Social Justice Committee voted to make the reform of our immigration laws its priority concern, I knew I must go."

We congratulate Sanchez on her brave actions and add what our drunk mick owners would say: ¡A LA CHINGADA CON ARPAYASO!


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