Glenn Beck Offers Jelly Beans to Chuck DeVore

He likes him, he really likes him! FOX conservative genius-man/crazy person Glenn Beck brought State Assemblyman Chuck DeVore of Irvine onto his show yesterday to talk about DeVore's U.S. Senate run. In typical Beck fashion, the majority of the segment consisted of Beck talking and DeVore smiling and nodding. But the opening run, in which Beck lists all the liberal interest groups that hate DeVore while also handing him random items from his side of the table, is pretty good.

In the second segment, Beck asks for the first thing DeVore would do in office. "Follow the Constitution," says Chuck, going on to say that the 10th Amendment to the Constitution forbids the feds from doing all that icky governing they've been doing. Beck then compares DeVore to Michele Bachmann--the U.S. Representative from Minnesota whom everybody who hasn't been to a Tea Party considers to be the most insane person in Congress--and the two bond over their shared belief that political progressivism is a "cancer."

As Moxley mentioned, conservative icon George Will this past weekend said DeVore's likely going to get the Republican nomination to go up against Barbara Boxer. Can DeVore pull off a Scott-Brown-in-Massachusetts-like upset here in California? Brown did a lot of things right, but one thing he didn't constantly try to do was come across as the most conservative guy in the room. Courting Glenn Beck and comparing the folks across the aisle to a vicious disease, as DeVore's doing here, might be a good way to stand out in a primary... but it's hard to see how he expects to win a general election by spouting ideology you most often hear from people who don't believe that income taxation is legal.


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