Give Me (Bomb) Shelter

I get by with a little help from my friends. Got a note from one of 'em today, in fact, a patriot hard at work supporting our troops.

[Dear Navy Customer],

On Friday we discussed pushing the Dev. updates from February to the [Server of Imminent Doom]. As you know, these updates broke the Dev. server last February which makes the outcome of any Live push questionable. Per your request, I had planned to make the updates tomorrow (Tuesday).

Since the tape backup isn't working at the moment, we (you and I) have decided to hold off on the live push until that situation has been remedied. This is to confirm that a) you made the request to push to live, b) I have informed you that there is a software related danger in doing so, and c) we have decided to hold off until the hardware situation can be corrected (at which time we will push the unreliable updates and hope for the best).

Please acknowledge. Thanks, [If You Need Me, I'll Be Hiding In The Basement] Support for [Division X] Naval Surface Warfare Center

So there's actually a noble, patriotic soul out there who has the opportunity to crash a Navy server - has an obligation as an order-following employee to bring that bastard down - but instead this person would rather let everyone know that we've been saved from crappy software. And our savior is crappy hardware.

The Navy's current slogan is "Accelerate your life", but you can't accelerate very fast unless you "Update your equipment".


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