Giovanni "Lil Geo aka NOK" Flores and Christian Pedroza, OC Homicide No. 34 & 35:

On Friday night, 16-year-old Giovanni "Lil Geo" Flores and Christian Pedroza were hanging outside a home when a man approached them and the group they were with. When the smoke settled, four people had been shot, Pedroza was dead at the scene, and Flores was on his way to the hospital, where he would be declared dead.

There is already an "R.I.P Geo Fuentes" page on Facebook with over 1,200 likes as of this morning.


"He's up there now," the page reads. "Painting & Bombing Trains in Heaven. We'll see you soon G. Hes [sic] watching Us."

Flores apparently bombed with "NOK." Didn't know God was a tagger...

Police made one arrest but haven't disclosed if the person was the murderer. No word yet on whether anyone cares about Pedroza's death.

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