Gil, Drop the Bill

State Senator Dick Ackerman is as conservative as they come, and must no doubt be thrilled that ICE raids in OC are now as common as sunny days. But his thinking on a proposal by Los Angeles-area State Senator Gil Cedillo to require that California schools teach kiddies about the illegal roundups of Mexican-Americans during the 1930s is spot-on. Ackerman told La Opinión (who knew he spoke Spanish?) that "Aquí hay mucha gente que piensa que cualquier asunto particular es muy importante y quieren que se enseñe en las escuelas. Yo no creo que eso sea una buena manera de educar a nuestros niños." Translation: learn Spanish, damnit! Okay, fine: "Here there are many people that think that whatever particular issue is really important and they want that it be taught in the schools. I don't believe that this is a good way to educate our kids."

Look, we're as big a fan of revisionist history as anyone, but the state shouldn't require schools to teach particular incidents in history classes--and especially a bunch of fickle politicians. Change the makeup of the Assembly or State Senate to lean Republican, and they might pass bills forcing kids to learn that Ronald Reagan was God Himself, and that Hillary Clinton bathes in the blood of babies daily to keep her looks. So Gil: drop the bill and get back to trying to get driver's licenses for illegal immigrants, ¿qué no? As for Ackerman: can you get a less-gerrymandered district, por favor?


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