Ghirardelli Coming To Disney California Adventure

If so, prepare to be happy.

Learn more after the jump, chocoholics.

Last week, Disneyland Resort announced it would soon open a new Ghirardelli soda fountain and chocolate shop in its Disney California Adventure park. The shop will add another element of San Francisco to the Pacific Wharf area of the park.

Ghirardelli Coming To Disney California Adventure
​So what will the new shop feature? Chocolate! Duh! 

Specifically though, Ghirardelli will offer up world-famous hot fudge sundaes and a wide range of chocolates and chocolate-based treats. The best part? Just like the old free tortillas at the Mission Tortilla Factory (now closed, goddamn it), each guest will receive a complimentary sample of their signature Ghirardelli Squares chocolate.

The California Adventure shop will be similar to the Ghirardelli shop in Downtown Disney at Walt Disney World in Florida. That store opened thirteen years ago.

Ghirardelli Coming To Disney California Adventure
​Disney is pretty picky when it comes to letting brands in the gate. In 2008, the Mouse kicked McDonald's out of the park after a ten-year contract that allowed the fast food giant to sell their food in the parks expired. At the time, McDonald's featured three quick service restaurants--Burger Invasion, Conestoga Fries, and Harbour Galley--throughout Disneyland Resort's two theme parks.

The new Ghirardelli chocolate shop is slated to open in late spring 2012, just before the park's massive overhaul ends with the opening of the 12-acre Cars Land next summer.


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