George Saieg, Christian Savior of Muslim Souls, To Annoy Persians This Weekend in Irvine

This weekend, over 30,000 people are expected to visit William R. Mason Regional Park in Irvine to celebrate Nowruz, otherwise known as the Persian New Year. There'll be food, dancing, music--and an annoying Christian who thinks all those Persies are heretics in one way or another.

That man would be George Saieg, who heads the Anaheim-based Ministry to Muslims (M2M) Network, who likes to do this sort of thing because he thinks Islam is evil.

"This is an opportunity to share with the thousands of Muslims around us on how they can have a new beginning in Christ," Saieg said in a press release. "We ask you to come and join us, bring your wives and children for an enjoyable time of fellowship and food."

Of course, Saieg is being ham-fisted about his proselytizing as always. Nowruz has nothing to do with Islam but dates back to Zoroastrianism--but, wait! I thought those Muslims destroyed everything that doesn't submit! And yet Persians of all faiths--whether you're Shi'ite or Sunni, Zoroastrian or Ba'hai, Christian or Jew, and even the stray Mithraian--get together to party hardy. By the way, wonder why Saieg isn't trying to convert the non-Muslim, non-Christian Persians who'll attend? That's right: because they'd laugh him out of Mason unlike Muslims, who are ever-polite dealing with idiots.

Speaking of which, Saieg is still alive all these years after claiming Muslims were going to kill him because I erroneously wrote he was a Muslim convert to Christianity. No one should believe anything that comes out of his mouth.

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