Gay-Bashing, Jew-Trashing La Voz de Aztlan Rushes to Defend Anti-Semitic KPFK Show

Mere moments after the Jewish Journal published an éxposé of the anti-Semitic KPFK-FM 90.7 show "La Causa," the Southern Poverty Law Center-designated hate website La Voz de Aztlán rushed to the defense of the only publicly broadcast radio show in the United States that has ever considered it anything other than a embarrassment. "Pro-Israel Jews attack a popular Los Angeles Chicano radio program," screamed the headline, and writer "Ernesto Cienfuegos" (really La Voz publisher Hector Carreon, whose last name has Jewish roots, a point we make only to annoy him) called JJ reporter Roberto Loiederman's piece a "hateful diatribie," a hilarious example of the pot calling the kettle black. "We must stand up against these nefarious Zionists that threaten our well being here in Alta California, throughout Aztlan and in Mexico," "Cienfuegos" fumes. "As a community, we must defend the radio program 'La Causa' and thus protect our right to speak out against any injustice committed anywhere in the world."

Actually, as a community, most of the Chicanos (some more Aztlanista than La Voz) I know and who have emailed me are outraged KPFK hasn't already publicly announced they're booting "La Causa" and its host, "Augustin Cebada."

"Cienfuegos" also didn't like the fact that the Jewish Journal was also the first publication to expose their piece of Internet caca. "Some time ago this same Zionist magazine published a hateful and extremely biased article against La Voz de Aztlan and yesterday they did the same against one of the few radio programs that speak on behalf of Chicanos in Southern California," "Cienfuegos" wrote, completely ignoring KPFK's "The Pocho Hour of Power," "Travel Tips to Aztlán," "Uprising," some show hosted by a Cal State Northridge professor, and basically half of the programs on the station.

"Hateful and extremely biased"? Not really, and not really "Zionist." I wrote that piece, back in 2001. I pointed out their cheap, anti-Jewish tricks, like superimposing a yarmulke on then-mayoral candidate Antonio Villaraigosa (printed above) and writing, "sending 'vendido' [sell-outs] Hispanics to do their dirty work is a favorite ploy of Jews in Los Angeles"--and that was back in 2001. The website has only become worse in the years since, advocating disembowlment for homosexuals, suggesting gays and lesbians have inflitrated Chicano Studies, going after Larry "Nativo" Lopez for defending homosexuals (my, how the times have changed)--and yet "La Causa" treats it as a legitimate news source.

Fellow travelers, my friends. For a good year, La Voz had KPFK's logo on the left of its home page, which led to this link boasting of its connections with "La Causa." It was mysteriously scrubbed away just a couple of weeks ago, probably in anticipation of the Jewish Journal article (you can see the proof of its former existence here). La Voz is running cover for "La Causa," and that the only people speaking up for the radio show is Carreon is a testament to the program's worth.


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