Garden Grove DUI Checkpoint Produces Arrests, Citations, Impounds and a Wanted Parolee

You were previously informed (or warned) here about the Garden Grove Police Department's DUI/Drivers License Checkpoint Nov. 21 at 13752 Harbor Blvd. Here are the results:

-601 vehicles screened
-6 DUI suspects arrested
-1 illegal drug suspect arrested
-46 citations issued
-6 vehicles Impounded for 30 days
-42 unlicensed and suspended drivers sent to court
-2 arrested on other criminal charges

One arrest was particularly memorable . . .

A vehicle being screened was sent into a secondary checkpoint location because the driver did not have a driver's license on him.

Officers ran the unidentified man's name and discovered not only had his license been suspended, he was an outstanding parolee being sought by his parole officer.

He was taken into custody without incident.

Garden Grove police say more checkpoints are coming. Consider yourself informed/warned.


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