Gansta Killa

Illustration by Bob AulYou: the intoxicated loser in the back seat of your buddy's parked car on a side street in Huntington Beach, yelling at me and my friend as we walked past.

Me: the young brunette in the red-plaid bathing suit, trying to ignore you.

First of all, if you are going to appear in public under the influence of any substance, do us all a favor and don't get so trashed that you shout stupid things at two women who are obviously out of your league.

Second, of all the moronic things to yell while wasted, why did you offer to show us the "gangster lifestyle"? We're Goth girls, and furthermore, I live in Long Beach. If I found the "gangster lifestyle" appealing, I'd experience it closer to home.

Third, when two women wearing studded and/or spiked jewelry yell, "Fuck off," they aren't kidding. If you hadn't been surrounded by your pals, I would have thought very little of giving you a fat lip.

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