Funniest Loretta Sanchez Anecdote of the Year!

My May post about Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez's wishy-washy support of undocumented college students considering her Aztlanista tendencies unleashed quite a Democratic flurry against me, but it also sparked outrage among college administrators, professors, and counselors who work with DREAM Act students. From those ranks comes a Loretta flub of Rohrbacher-esque proportions.

October 1999--I accompanied my oldest daughter and a group of about 15 [high school] students as a chaperone on a Model United Nations (MUN) trip to Washington, D.C., and a competition at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis.  One of the parents, who didn't go on the trip, made arrangements for us to visit Loretta in her office. We go there late in the afternoon about 4 p.m. or so, I am expecting the usual grip and grin type of event of 5 minutes of pictures and chit chat and out of the office. Loretta has the whole group of about 15 students, 2 teachers and 2 chaperones sit down in her office and we spend almost 90 minutes talking with her lots of back and forth, good questions and answers. One of the kids in the group is - Devon Nixon - the great grand nephew of Richard Nixon.  As we are leaving the office Loretta says directly to him "One of the worse things I ever did is vote for your uncle."

Later as I was talking with the teachers we were reflecting that was a fairly rude thing to say given that Devon was born in 1982 and had only met Tricky Dick a couple of times. I started thinking about it and remembered that when Nixon ran in 1972 and I was in Mr. Butterfield's government class at Magnolia High School in Anaheim and while we talked quite a bit about the election that year and the fact that one of the reasons it was significant is that it was that the first time 18 year olds could vote for president since the passage of the 26th amendment to the constitution. I was then saying to myself "Hey, Loretta is a lot younger than me and if I couldn't vote how could she?"  She had handed out baseball cards with her info and sure enough she was like 12 when Nixon was re-elected. I wrote her two letters saying how could she reconcile being so rude to young Mr. Nixon and lying at the same time, but never heard back from her.

Too outrageous to believe, ¿qué no? Besides the fact my source is impeccable, I also confirmed it with Devon Nixon himself, currently in Shanghai since America needs a Nixon to deal with Red China. The only wiggle room I can see for Loretta is that she meant to say she voted for Nixon in a mock school election (that's how I was able to vote for George H.W. Bush in fourth grade--don't ask), but she sure didn't make that distinction that day...too funny!


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