Funds Pulled for Anaheim-to-Las-Vegas Choo Choo

Metrolink trains: At least they already exist.
Metrolink trains: At least they already exist.

It's been a bad week for unbuilt trains.

We wrote just a few days ago about how local legislator Diane Harkey was looking to put the kibosh on California's high-speed-rail project that would connect the state's major cities.

Now, the federal government has redirected $45 million away from another OC-based fast-train effort: the proposed maglev between Anaheim and Las Vegas.

Congress's new jobs bill, signed by President Barack Obama yesterday, will take money that had been designated for final planning of the mice-to-vice train and instead spend it on freeway improvements... in Nevada.

According to the Las Vegas Sun, the maglev's backers say they're moving ahead by looking for money in other places. They're pretty pissed at Harry Reid, though. He approved this latest move, and not too long ago jumped from supporting the Anaheim train to instead supporting a high-speed-rail line that would connect Las Vegas to (eeegh) Victorville. Yes, that Victorville.

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