Fun with Brackets, Mexican Style!

The following message was left on a Weekling answering machine. But as you read this, keep in mind that a more competent and diligent and unbigoted school administrator than Frances Claire you'll never know. We just could not resist the urge to mischievously insert phrases in [BRACKETS] throughout her message. Check it out:

Good morning, this is Frances Claire, principal of Mater Dei High School, with a special announcement. In response to yesterday's civil demonstrations [BY MEXICANS], please know the Mater Dei administration and security, in conjunction with the Santa Ana Police Department, secured the campus [TO KEEP THE MEXICANS OUT] and made sure each and every student was escorted to their cars [TO AVOID MEXICANS]. Rest assured, parents, at no time was there any danger to students [FROM MEXICANS] from yesterday's demonstration. Again, today, we are in consultation with the Santa Ana Police Department [TO KEEP AN EYE ON THE MEXICANS] and will do everything to ensure a safe school environment [FREE OF MEXICANS] throughout the day for your students. Please contact us if you have any concerns about the safety of the students [UP TO AND INCLUDING THE MEXICAN ONES.]


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