Give the boot to Bankhead, Jones and McKinley
Give the boot to Bankhead, Jones and McKinley

Fullerton Residents: Vote Out Three Lousy City Councilmen Today

Attention Fullerton residents:

You've eaten breakfast. You've eaten lunch. But before you eat dinner please make sure you've given the boot to three incumbent city councilmen who are facing a critical recall election today.


When the world was watching Fullerton in the wake of the July 2011, police killing of Kelly Thomas, the council majority--Dick Jones, Don Bankhead and Pat McKinley--strenuously refused to hold police department thugs accountable.

To the outrage of Thomas' family and decent people everywhere, the trio tried to downplay the gruesome, unnecessary death.

They even openly mocked Tony Bushala, the businessman/blogger--hell, the hero--who ignored police intimidation tactics to make sure California and the nation learned about this shocking case of police brutality.

Now, in a shameless attempt to turn reality upside down, the trio and their police union pals hope voters will believe that the bad guy worthy of scorn in Fullerton is Bushala.

Reject that lie and stand for honest policing by grabbing your friends, neighbors and co-workers, going to your polling places and voting.

Why are you reading this sentence?

You should be heading out the door to deliver the well-deserved boot to Bankhead, Jones and McKinley.

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